Pats vs. Eagles: Who's Your Super Bowl Pick?

Photo by  Adrian Curiel  on  Unsplash

Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

Super Bowl LII is upon us, and both teams have been posting images and videos of their fans and players on social media. They’ve produced interviews, recaps, and head-to-head comparisons, but the most interesting piece of content that any football team can create is the hype video. Hype videos are manifestos. They tap into the emotions of your audience to elicit a sense of pride, hope, and determination.

New England created a tribute to “The Hill” and paired it with their #NotDone.

“Look back and you see the work you’ve done. Look forward and you see the work you need to do. The Hill doesn’t care if you’ve reached the hill before, it only cares if you reach The Hill now. Right here, right now the top is within reach.”

While I like the writing, this language doesn’t take their audience into consideration. This video does a great job inspiring the team's players, talking to them about how far they've come, but what about the fans? Today, hype videos are more for the fans than anyone else and I think the Pat's video failed at acknowledging the fact that their fans are a part of this journey as well. 

New England Super Bowl: The Hill

Philadelphia, on the other hand, has been cranking out hype videos for the past few weeks, starting with the NFC playoff game. And, they’ve done an amazing job speaking to their audience. The tone of all three videos is inclusive, especially their most recent one created for the Super Bowl. It starts out with, "One game. One game? They love to say it all comes down to one game. Really? They also said our season was over." The audience feels like they're part of something bigger, this is us vs. them, and we're going to show "them" that they're wrong about "us."  

The rest of the video makes sure that fans know they’re just as much a part of this game as the players are. “This is about bringing an entire city to tears. Block by block. One game. For who? For the ones who line up next to us. For the ones who introduced this to us. For what? To Bring. It. Home.”  

How could you not feel like you're a part of the team when they're literally telling you it's all to bring home a win for you? 

Philly Super Bowl: One Game Is All We Need 

Philly NFC Championship Game: All We Got Is All We Need 

Philly NFC Championship Playoff Game: Find a Way

Philly is my pick, but now that you've watched both teams' hype videos, ask yourself which team made your heart race?