Get Inspired: Blue Apron's "What Cooking Can Do" Campaign


The competition is heating up in the kitchen, as more and more meal kit delivery services come to market, forcing brands like Blue Apron, Plated, and HelloFresh to differentiate themselves from one another and new competitors. Blue Apron's new video campaign by creative agency Droga5, "What Cooking Can Do," uses the power of storytelling to go beyond the normal "convenience" and "fresh ingredient" claims. By pairing a unique and relatable story with each night of the work week, Blue Apron has found a way to connect with their audience and show that their service allows you to celebrate the joy of cooking with those you love.

On Monday, a tired man comes home and instead of throwing in the towel before the week even starts, he makes dinner for himself and his just as tired significant other, Tuesday introduces us to a son and daughter who cook a surprise dinner for their mom who just got a promotion (this one may have had me tear up a little), Wednesday gives us two new parents who just want to feel like themselves again, Thursday we cheer on a 76-year-old man who is embracing change, and Friday we become a part of a big party in a small space. 

Together the videos subtly show off the wide variety of meals Blue Apron has to offer, and that they're easy enough for anyone to use. But more than that, these stories strike an emotional chord and draw the viewer in. 

Samantha SchlemmComment