How Listening to Podcasts Can Make You a Better Content Marketer

Photo by  Alice Moore  on  Unsplash

Photo by Alice Moore on Unsplash

I’ve always been a reader. After college, much of my reading time was spent on the train as I commuted to my job in New York City from my home in New Jersey. But after I moved last year, and my commute switched from riding the train to sitting in traffic, I made a pretty big shift from books to podcasts.

Nevertheless, these long drives weren’t my first tryst with podcasts. In 2012, a friend brought me to a Moth StorySlam and I became obsessed. I loved this platform where people could come up on stage and tell their story straight from the heart. No script, no fiction, just true stories told live in front of an audience. I laughed, gasped, and even cried as I related with these complete strangers. I was not a police officer who saved a stray dog, a gay man who realized his true love was right in front of him for years, or a seventy-year-old woman remembering what it was like to watch her sister battle cancer. These were not experiences that we had in common, but the emotions, relationships, and desires they felt were all things I empathized with and understood. I couldn't get enough. Before long, I was submerged into my first audio show, The Moth podcast.

I thought I enjoyed it because the platform was specifically created for storytelling, but as I’ve branched out and listened to podcasts from an array of different categories I realized storytelling has more than one face, and podcasts are a great way to tell a story. And while podcasts are an excellent medium for you to use when marketing your own products, they also help you open up your own mind and inspire creativity.

Because they . . .

  1. Build deep emotional connections—a voice can give a story another dimension, sparking a deeper relationship and reaction. It can also feel like the narrator is speaking directly to you.   

  2. Introduce you to new ideas—whether it’s an entirely new topic or just a new perspective or detail, podcasts are meant to deliver value to the listener by being informative.

  3. Offer room for growth and development—as they open up your mind, you’re often given the chance to grow and learn while you’re taking care of the mundane parts of your week, like working out, cooking, shopping, or commuting.   

  4. Take your thoughts in a new direction—if you're stuck on a challenge, listening to a podcast can help you indirectly come up with the answer by giving your brain a chance to focus on something else. It allows you to think creatively without forcing yourself to focus on the same subject.

Pick up great storytelling pointers, and find inspiration and lessons in the podcasts that you love, whether they’re about The Simpsons or just Stuff You Should Know.